Friday, June 1, 2012

Malcolm Yarnell's Private Hell Of Not Knowing The Truth Which Brings Unity

Malcolm Yarnell: The Grace of Unity: A Prayer for the Southern Baptist Convention

"This unity is a gift of grace worked in us through sanctification on the basis of the truth of Scripture."

It comes as quite a shock, I am sure, to those who know Yarnell, that he is still not sanctified in the truth. One day, he hopes to know the truth and attain to the unity that is a grace gift given to those who know Christ... but then, referring to John 17, a Scripture that Yarnell's Arminianism does not accept, (that God has given Jesus a people from before the foundations of the world who will, not might, believe) is absurd.

He is right, coming to the truth in Scripture is the only basis for unity. It is indeed a grace worked in each one by the Spirit. We pray that one day Yarnell will arrive at unity with the body of Christ. Until then, he and his fellow dissemblers will continue to be driven by every wind of  the doctrines of their vain imagination.

Notice the dance around TUAD's questions? Yarnell denies his doctrines are associated with Arminianism and with impudent pride aligns his Traditionalism (non-Calvinists, Biblicists, or simply Baptists) against Calvinism. Keathley's Molinism, no problem, Calvinism, no way. Lemke's rejection of original sin... no problem, God's sovereignty, get thee behind me Yahweh.

The promise of salvation through God's electing choice is the clear doctrine of Scripture. TUAD is simply directing attention to the fact that a true hope only exists in God's decree to save. Yarnell, cannot put it together. He thinks that man's choice has determined God's voice. Instead of all things coming forth from his Eternal Word, Yarnell must have the first and final say as to what God does. We can preach Christ and Him crucified for sinners only as long as his death actually saved those for whom John 17 makes it available. Unfortunately, even though Jesus contradicts Yarnell, Yarnell requires that Jesus must have prayed for the whole world. The fact is, for unity to exist in the body of Christ, we must agree with Jesus who only prayed for those who he was given out of the world before the world began. Until Yarnell actually reads and understands Scripture, he will not be able to answer such a fundamental question as to the material facts of salvation.

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Chris Parker said...

Amen brother. Many struggle with Calvinism I think, because, yes, the do not understand the degree of human depravity, that we are not able to choose God (Rom. 8:5-8), but also because it seems to contradict human experience, which is the lens through which they judge God's word.